Providing Access to Find Solace

RGC-Access was pleased to be invited to talk with the staff at Solace Crisis Treatment Center in Santa Fe, NM. Solace provides support to individuals experiencing sexual violence and other traumatic events. We commend them for always providing access to interpreting services and we enjoyed the opportunity to present to their staff.

One of our lead interpreters, Rebecca De Santis, teamed up with Mark Ramirez, a local Deaf community member and social worker to create this powerful presentation. Mark talked about Deafness, intersectionality, and the impacts of audism as he engaged the audience to think critically about how to approach work with a Deaf individual experiencing trauma. Rebecca spoke toward the use of Sign Language interpreters, building trust as a team, and the benefits of bringing in Deaf interpreters.

For more information about Solace Crisis Treatment Center, visit their site:

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