RGC Access serves all areas of New Mexico. We are a mobil based agency but have strong connections in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We provide interpreting services to hundreds of businesses and organizations throughout the state including federal, state, educational, nonprofit, and small local entities. We are available to advise and provide counsel for individuals with interpreting needs in the rural areas of New Mexico as well.



We know the sign language community well. Our interpreter coordinators are also certified and licensed interpreters working locally. We understand communication access and are able to quickly assess assignments and client needs regarding language style and interpreter skill. We take pride in matching the right interpreter with the right clients, deaf and hearing.



Communication is important. RGC Access strives to keep communication affordable for Deaf people and local businesses. We have competitive rates and nonprofit discounts. We will tell you the cost of interpreting before the assignment and are always clear with our fees. We have easy pay now options once the assignment has been completed.

Central New Mexico Community College is honored to have such a strong collaboration with RGCA. RGCA interpreters provide accurate and equivalent language facilitation for our Deaf and hard of hearing students and faculty. Their business is rooted in our New Mexican community and is always willing to work together to ensure all consumers have access when needed. It’s a privilege to partner with a company who not only has a sterling reputation, but an amazing heart behind it.
— Erin Wilson, DRC Services Manager, Central New Mexico Community College

“Providing access is our top priority.”

RGC Access offers high quality Sign Language interpreting referral services with a socially conscious framework. We book the right interpreters for every occasion.

Hands & Voices New Mexico has used RGC Access to interpret many of our board meetings and events over the past several years. RGCA is extremely responsive to our interpreting needs and everyone we’ve had the pleasure to work with has been professional and knowledgeable. We have a wonderful relationship with RGCA and continue to look forward to working with them in the future! We highly recommend RGCA for any interpreting needs.
— Marjorie Madsen Keilers, Executive Director, Hands & Voices New Mexico Chapter