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About Us

RGC Access is a 501©3 non-profit organization established in New Mexico to provide support services for persons with disabilities. We have two areas of focus in our agency. We provide referral for on-site and at times when necessary video remote Signed Language Interpreting Services. We also provide Community Education and Outreach Services for persons in the Disability Community.

RGC Access recognizes that New Mexico is a large, rural state that presents many challenges for residents and visitors who have disabilities. We strive to meet some of the communication, access, education and outreach needs in the various communities where we live and work by providing excellent and cost-effective services state-wide. Please contact our team for any assistance we can provide.

Interpreting Services

basecroppedRGC Access provides on-site Sign Language interpreting services, on-site Spanish interpretation services, and written translation services statewide. 

We contract with more than sixty New Mexico licensed and nationally certified interpreters. Our interpreters are ready for any interpreting situation. Our services include interpreting in the areas of educational, medical, vocational, mental health, conferences, legal, etc. Our interpreters take pride in their work and strictly follow the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct to ensure the privacy of every consumer. For more information about RID please visit their website here

Megan Goldberg is the RGC Access interpreter coordinator. She is a nationally certified interpreter and has been working in New Mexico as an interpreter for the past 12 years. Megan is extremely knowledgable about the local Deaf community and is able to provide consultation about communication access and Americans With Disabilities (ADA) guidelines for organizations that are needing to arrange interpreting services for Deaf, hard of hearing, or Deaf-blind consumers. Please feel free to contact her with any questions at mgoldberg@rgc-access.org. 


Work with us

RGC Access is the only local, non-profit interpreting referral agency in the state of New Mexico. Come work with us and support the local economy! RGC Access has a large variety of assignments around the state. Whether you enjoy educational, federal, legal, performance, or just getting out into the community, RGC Access is the agency for you. We have competitive rates, skilled professional teams, and quick payments for submitted invoices. 

If you are interested in joining our team of contracted interpreters, please fill out our online application and a coordinator from the agency will contact you!

Bridge to Work

RGC Access has a Bridge to Work program for recent graduates from interpreting training programs (ITPs). This program is to assist new interpreters entering the field. Working alongside nationally certified interpreters, RGC Access provides supervised on-the-job mentoring along with professional development tasks to ensure that new interpreters are able to develop and enhance their skills with the best support available. Limited contracts are awarded each year to new interpreters through a competitive process. 

As a new interpreter in the Bridge to Work program,  you will be placed on safe and appropriate community jobs based on your qualifications and paid opportunities to observe working interpreters. You will also meet with the Bridge to Work coordinator for supervision, establishing interpreting goals, and to review recorded work for feedback.

RGC Access contracts our incoming Bridge to Work interpreters on a competitive basis each year in June. To apply, please click on the link below and fill out our online Bridge to Work Application. Upon receiving initial paperwork, all applicants will be asked to provide a work sample using source texts provided by RGC Access and complete a formal interview. Applications will be accepted until April 30, 2019.